Vinyl Trends

Vinyl Trends® makes a variety of products, primarily for the building sector.

We have been manufacturing top quality flooring underlayment for over 15 years. Our technical advantages and patents have given our brands credibility in the flooring industry.

By focusing on product development, testing, education and customer support we are quickly moving toward the top selling position in our industry. VinylTrends® has locations in Ontario, North Carolina and Virginia, and an international network of distributors.

As an industry leader our growth is based on providing quality products and value for the customer. We value our customers and protect their businesses by making company decisions based on fundamental values of honesty and respect.

VinylTrends® achieved a milestone in 2014 of being named on the Profit 500 list as one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada. This is an acknowledgement of the hard work of our team and the commitment of our customers.