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Flooring industry professionals understand the critical role that flooring underlayment plays in the success of any installation. When it comes to Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) floors, choosing the right underlayment is essential for maximizing performance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of flooring underlayment for LVT floors, providing valuable insights and benefits for industry professionals.

Enhanced Durability:

LVT floors are known for their durability, but the right underlayment can further enhance this aspect. Underlayment acts as a protective barrier, shielding the LVT planks from potential subfloor imperfections, moisture damage, and impact. By providing a supportive layer between the subfloor and the LVT flooring, underlayment helps minimize the risk of premature wear. This durability boost ensures that your customers’ LVT floors maintain their appearance and performance for years to come.

Sound Control and Acoustic Performance:

In commercial and residential settings alike, sound control is of utmost importance. Flooring underlayment significantly contributes to reducing impact noise and improving acoustic performance. By absorbing sound vibrations and minimizing footfall noise, underlayment creates a more peaceful and comfortable environment for occupants. This advantage is particularly valuable in high-traffic areas, multi-family buildings, and spaces where noise reduction is a priority, such as offices, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

Moisture Mitigation:

Moisture-related issues can wreak havoc on any flooring installation. For LVT floors, underlayment acts as an effective moisture barrier, preventing water vapor from seeping through the subfloor and causing damage to the flooring system. Moisture-resistant underlayments can protect against issues such as cupping, warping, and mold growth. By providing a reliable moisture mitigation solution, you can ensure the longevity and performance of LVT floors, especially in areas where hydrostatic pressure may be a concern.

Subfloor Preparation:

Achieving a smooth and even subfloor surface is crucial for a successful LVT installation. Underlayment helps compensate for minor subfloor imperfections, such as unevenness, cracks, or irregularities. It creates a level base for the LVT planks, reducing the risk of telegraphing and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the floor. Additionally, underlayment facilitates a faster and more efficient installation process by minimizing the need for extensive subfloor preparation.

Ease of Installation:

Efficiency is key for industry professionals, and the right underlayment can streamline the installation process. Many underlayments come in convenient rolls or panels, making them easy to handle and install. Some products feature self-adhesive or click-together systems, simplifying the installation further. By choosing underlayments designed for ease of use, you can save valuable time and labor costs, increasing your overall project efficiency and profitability.

Product Customization:

Different LVT flooring installations may have specific requirements or challenges. Fortunately, the flooring underlayment market offers a range of customizable options to cater to unique project needs. Whether you require specialized underlayment for moisture control, soundproofing, thermal insulation, or high-traffic areas, there are tailored solutions available. Collaborating with underlayment manufacturers can provide you with customized products that meet your project’s specific demands, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.


Flooring underlayment is an indispensable component for industry professionals working with LVT floors. By selecting the appropriate underlayment, you can enhance the durability, sound control, moisture mitigation, and installation efficiency of LVT flooring projects. Furthermore, customization options allow you to address specific project requirements effectively. By prioritizing the selection and installation of quality underlayment, you can deliver exceptional results, strengthen client relationships, and solidify your reputation in the flooring industry.

Product Feature:

Natural LVT SG is a truly superior underlayment and an advanced acoustic barrier for Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring. Containing no Volatile Organic Compounds means that our products are the first and only ZeroVOC* underlayments on the market. This new technology provides zero harmful emissions and exceeds all standards for indoor air quality including the California protocol. V.O.C. BLOCKER™ additionally protects your family from harmful sub-floor emissions by blocking their direct transmission into the room. Natural LVT is an inert product that is Hypo-Allergenic and Mold/Mildew/Bacteria resistant with NO Toxic additives, CFC/HCFC/PVC/BHT/Pinta Bromide/latex or antimicrobials.

Natural LVT SG is rated among the highest in the flooring industry with acoustic ratings of IIC71/STC67 and Delta IIC23. Vinyl Trends material utilizes a complex foam technology with SSR (Superior Sound Reduction) that exceeds uniform building codes. Engineered to be Anti Crush for excellent footfall performance and to add life to flooring, Natural LVT is an excellent choice for radiant heat floors as well. Patented Seal Guard SG is added to create a building code approved vapour barrier seam between two pieces of underlayment. Utilizing sheathing tape, it creates a 3-1/2″ wide seaming system that provides up to 20 times wider protection than competing systems. The majority of vapour leakage is caused by leaky or inadequate seams. The Seal Guard System gives this product a distinct advantage over all of its competitors.

We welcome you to try Natural LVT SG for better performance on your next Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring project.