Vinyl Trends


Vinyl Guardian Features


  1. Scratch resistant, waterproof, and durable.
  2. Repurposed and reusable to minimize material cost. 
  3. Easy to install with low tack painter's tape.
  4. Ideal for floors, doors, countertops, and tubs.
  5. 2017 Best Seller



Thickness 0.5 mm
Length 90 ft
Width 54 in
Weight 38 lb
Colour Varies
Roll Size 405 sq ft
Rolls/Skid 30 rolls



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"Since 2006 we, at Rosehaven Homes, have developed a great partnership with Vinyl Trends. We use their vinyl paper temporary surface protection product because it is easy to use, recycled and reusable and it protects all our surfaces. This one product has got us covered." 


- Mike Puzzolanti, Rosehaven Homes

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Floor Protection
Countertop Protection
Scratch Resistant
Product Texture